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Featured Products

Puppia Soft Mesh Harness - AC30
Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness - PAHA-AH305
Puppia Ritefit Soft Harness - PAJA-AC617
Puppia Superior Soft Harness - PAJA-AC616
Puppia Two Tone Lead - PDCF-AL30
Puppia Idol Hooded Shirt - PAOD-TS1275
Puppia Hamper Bed/Car Seat - NAOD-AU7097
Puppia Cubby Flirt Harness - NAOD-AH7074
Puppia Cubby Leash - NAOD-AL7074
Puppia Jumble Snood/Hood/Scarf - NAOD-SN7079
Puppia Cottontail Snood/Hood/Scarf - NAOD-SN7072
Puppia Jumble Hat - NAOD-PH7079
Puppia Cottontail Hat - NAOD-PH7072
Puppia Arctic Sofa Bed - NAOD-AU7099
Puppia CubbyHole Bed - NAOD-AU7096
Puppia Leopup Bed - NAOD-AU7098
Puppia Imperial Flirt Dress Harness - NAOD-AH7093
Puppia Imperial Leash - NAOD-AL7093
Puppia Sassy Flirt Dress Harness - NAOD-AH7082
Puppia Sassy Leash - NAOD-AL7082
Puppia Jumble Pinka Harness - NAOD-AH7079
Puppia Jumble Leash - NAOD-AL7079
Puppia Cottontail Pinka Harness - NAOD-AH7072
Puppia Cottontail Leash - NAOD-AL7072
Puppia Zany Pinka Harness - NAOD-AH7076
Puppia Zany Leash - NAOD-AL7076
Puppia Gallant Flirt Dress Harness - NAOD-AH7081
Puppia Gallant Pinka Harness - NAOD-AH7086
Puppia Gallant Leash - NAOD-AL7081
Puppia Marvel Coat - NAOD-JM7092
Puppia Glee Dress/Coat - NAOD-CA7090
Puppia Rosemary Dress/Coat - NAOD-CA7083
Puppia Imperial Coat - NAOD-VT7093
Puppia Bravado Vest/Coat - NAOD-VT7091
Puppia Ravish Jumpsuit - NAOD-OP7088
Puppia Paradox Jumpsuit - NAOD-OP7087
Puppia Glamor Dress - NAOD-OP7084
Puppia Sassy Dress - NAOD-OP7082
Puppia Mama Bear Dress - NAOD-OP7085
Puppia Goofy Fleece Shirt - NAOD-TS7095
Puppia Gallant Hooded Shirt - NAOD-TS7081
Puppia Snoozy Jumpsuit - NAOC-OP7080
Puppia Leopup Hooded Winter Shirt - NAOD-TS7078
Puppia Zany Shirt - NAOD-TS7076
Puppia Jumble Hooded Shirt - NAOD-TS7079
Puppia Mellow Shirt - NAOD-TS7075
Puppia Clubby Sweater - NAOD-TS7074
Puppia Cottontail Shirt - NAOC-TS7072
Puppia Princess Shirt - NAOC-TS7071
Puppia Grinch Socks - PAOC-SO1270
Puppia Polka Dot II Socks - PAOC-SO1269
Puppia Dolce Socks - PAOC-SO1268
Puppia Snooze II Bed - PAOD-AU1262
Puppia Colosseum Bed - PAOD-AU1261
Puppia Chaise Bed - PAOD-AU1260
Puppia Imp Bed - PAOD-AU1279
Puppia Scholastic Harness - PAOD-AC1280
Puppia Scholastic Vest Harness - PAOD-AH1280
Puppia Scholastic Lead/Leash - PAOD-AL1280
Puppia Polar Harness - PAOD-AC1278
Puppia Polar Vest Harness - PAOD-AH1278
Puppia Polar Lead/Leash - PAOD-AL1278
Puppia Smurf Harness - PAOD-AC1289
Puppia Smurf Vest Harness - PAOD-AH1289
Puppia Wafer Harness - PAOD-AC1285
Puppia Wafer Vest Harness - PAOD-AH1285
Puppia Modish Harness - PAOD-AC1274
Puppia Modish Vest Harness - PAOD-AH1274
Puppia Modish Lead/Leash - PAOD-AL1274
Puppia December Coat - PAOD-JM1299
Puppia Commuter Coat - PAOD-CA1294
Puppia Miss Claus Coat - PAOD-CA1298
Puppia Olivia Coat - PAOD-CA1295
Puppia Audrey Coat - PAOD-CA1290
Puppia Snowcap Coat - PAOD-JM1292
Puppia Paige Coat - PAOD-CA1291
Puppia Smurf Sweater Dress - PAOD-OP1289
Puppia Wafer Jumpsuit - PAOD-OP1285
Puppia Iceberg Jumpsuit - PAOD-OP1284
Puppia Glacial Sweater - PAOD-TS1286
Puppia Alps Sweater - PAOD-TS1282
Puppia Scholastic Hoodie - PAOD-TS1280
Puppia Polar Hoodie - PAOD-TS1278
Puppia Kismet Hoodie - PAOD-TS1277
Puppia Imp Hoodie - PAOD-TS1279
Puppia Modish Sweater - PAOD-TS1274
Puppia Meager Shirt - PAOD-TS1273
Puppia Ranger Shirt - PAOC-TS1272
Puppia Tailwagger Hoodie - PAOC-TS1271