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Featured Products

Puppia Soft Mesh Harness - AC30
Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness - PAHA-AH305
Puppia Ritefit Soft Harness - PAJA-AC617
Puppia Two Tone Lead - PDCF-AL30
Puppia Cosmo Harness - NAPD-AC7174
Puppia Cosmo Pinka Harness - NAPD-AH7174
Puppia Cosmo Leash/Lead - NAPD-AL7174
Puppia Muffy Harness - NAPD-AC7164
Puppia Muffy Pinka Harness - NAPD-AH7164
Puppia Muffy Leash/Lead - NAPD-AL7164
Puppia Smart Soft Harness - PAPD-AC1368
Puppia Smart Soft Vest Harness - PAPD-AH1368
Puppia Smart Leash/Lead - PAPD-AL1368
Puppia Farren Harness - PAPD-AC1367
Puppia Farren Vest Harness - PAPD-AH1367
Puppia Farren Leash/Lead - PAPD-AL1367
Puppia Witta Harness - PAPD-AC1362
Puppia Witta Vest Harness - PAPD-AH1362
Puppia Witta Leash/Lead - PAPD-AL1362
Puppia Oz Harness - PAPD-AC1359
Puppia Oz Vest Harness - PAPD-AH1359
Puppia Oz Leash/Lead - PAPD-AL1359
Puppia Pax Harness - PAPD-AC1357
Puppia Pax Vest Harness - PAPD-AH1357
Puppia Pax Leash/Lead - PAPD-AL1357
Puppia Damier Harness - PAPD-AC1351
Puppia Damier Vest Harness - PAPD-AH1351
Puppia Damier Leash/Lead - Style No. : PAPD-AL1351
Puppia Midnight Shirt - NAPD-TS7151
Puppia Poppy Hoodie - NAPD-TS7152
Puppia Sevil Shirt - NAPD-TS7157
Puppia Alma Shirt - NAPD-TS7159
Puppia Becca Hoodie - NAPD-TS7160
Puppia Woodstock Shirt - NAPD-TS7161
Puppia Cloud Shirt - NAPD-TS7163
Puppia Muffy Hoodie - NAPD-TS7164
Puppia Romantic Garden Hoodie - NAPD-TS7166
Puppia Princess & Princess II Hoodie - NAPD-TS7170
Puppia My Pug Hoodie - NAPD-TS7173
Puppia Camassia Hoodie - PAPD-TS1365
Puppia Snowday Hoodie - PAPD-TS1364
Puppia Damier Hoodie - PAPD-TS1363
Puppia Polaris Hoodie - PAPD-TS1362
Puppia Vixen Hoodie - PAPD-TS1361
Puppia Bernie Hoodie - PAPD-TS1360
Puppia Oz Hoodie - PAPD-TS1359
Puppia Bonez Hoodie - PAPD-TS1358
Puppia Pax Shirt - PAPD-TS1357
Puppia Winter Butterfly Hoodie - PAPD-TS1356
Puppia Snow Fairy Hoodie - PAPD-TS1355
Puppia Neman Hoodie - PAPD-TS1354
Puppia Boo Boo II Shirt - PAPD-TS1353
Puppia Jasper Shirt - PAPD-TS1352
Puppia Peacekeeper Shirt - PAPD-TS1351
Puppia Good Doggie Shirt - PAPD-TS1350
Puppia Santa Pinka Harness - NAPD-AH7178
Puppia Rudolph Hooded Harness - PAPD-AC1364
Catspia Tigger Shirt - CAPD-TS9234
Catspia Argyle Meow Shirt - CAPD-TS9233
Catspia Dasher Shirt - CAPD-TS9232
Catspia Bonefish Harness - CAPD-AC9243
Catspia Bonefish Leash/Lead - CAPD-AL9243
Catspia Cali Jacket Harness - CAPD-AH9242
Catspia Cali Leash/Lead - CAPD-AL9242
Catspia Bandit Jacket Harness - CAPD-AH9238
Catspia Bandit Leash/Lead - CAPD-AL9238
Puppia Arctic Grand Bed - NAPD-AU7162
Puppia Muffy House Bed - NAPD-AU7158
Puppia Muffy Bed - NAPD-AU7156
Puppia Arctic Square II Bed - NAPD-AU7153
Puppia Theodore House Bed - PAPD-AU1343
Puppia Pumapard Bed - PAPD-AU1342
Puppia Witta Cave Bed - PAPD-AU1341
Puppia Witta House Bed - PAPD-AU1340
Catspia Milky Way Harness - CAOC-AC9221
Catspia Milky Way Vest Harness - Style No. : CAOC-AH9221
Catspia Milky Way Leash/Lead - CAOC-AL9221
Catspia Purry Harness - CAOD-AC9220
Catspia Purry Vest Harness - CAOD-AH9220
Catspia Purry Leash/Lead - CAOD-AL9220
Puppia Base Jumper Raincoat - PEAF-RM03
Puppia Coup D'Etat Jacket - PGD-M20
Puppia Santa Claus Harness - NAJD-AH222
Puppia Santa Claus Leash/Lead - NAJD-AL222
Puppia Santa Claus Coat - NAHD-SC010
Puppia Jess Fleece Vest - NAPD-VT7172
Puppia Lewis Coat - PAPD-JM1370
Puppia Arthur Coat - PAPD-JM1369
Puppia Winter Storm Fleece Vest/Harness - PAPD-VT1367
Puppia Mountaineer II Fleece Vest/Harness - PAPD-VT1366
Puppia Rudolph Smart Tag - PAPD-QR1374
Puppia Paw Smart Tag - PAPD-QR1373
Puppia PP Smart Tag - PAPD-QR1372