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Featured Products

Puppia Soft Mesh Harness - AC30
Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness - PAHA-AH305
Puppia Ritefit Soft Harness - PAJA-AC617
Puppia Superior Soft Harness - PAJA-AC616
Puppia Two Tone Lead - PDCF-AL30
Puppia Base Jumper Raincoat - PEAF-RM03
Puppia Coup D'Etat Jacket - PGD-M20
Puppia Dawning Cap - NAOA-CP7047
Puppia Skyline Cap - NAOA-CP7048
Puppia Dawning Scarf - NAOA-SC7045
Puppia Patches Scarf - NAOA-SC7046
Puppia Skyline Scarf - NAOA-SC7043
Puppia Leo Scarf - NAOA-SC7042
Puppia Glam Bed - NAOA-AU7055
Puppia Leo Bed - NAOA-AU7054
Puppia Gondola Bed - NAOA-AU7053
Puppia Dawning House Bed - NAOA-AU7052
Puppia Skyline Lodge Bed - NAOA-AU7043
Puppia Priscilla Collar - NAOA-AC7051
Puppia Jane Collar - NAOA-AC7050
Puppia Picnic Pinka Harness - NAOA-AH7008
Puppia Picnic Leash - NAOA-AL7008
Puppia Venus Superior Harness - NAOA-AH7033
Puppia Venus Leash - NAOA-AL7032
Puppia Venus Pinka Harness - NAOA-AH7032
Puppia Fiore Flirt Harness - NAOA-AH7035
Puppia Fiore Leash - NAOA-AL7039
Puppia Fiore Pinka Harness - NAOA-AH7039
Puppia Middy Flirt Harness - NAOA-AH7012
Puppia Middy Leash - NAOA-AL7030
Puppia Middy Pinka Harness - NAOA-AH7030
Puppia Dainty Flirt Harness - NAOA-AH7038
Puppia Dainty Leash - NAOA-AL7002
Puppia Dainty Pinka Harness - NAOA-AH7002
Puppia Smirky Jammies - NAOA-OP7028
Puppia Wiggle Shirt - NAOB-OP7023
Puppia Picnic Dress - NAOB-OP7024
Puppia Picnic Sanitary Panty - NAOA-PT7024
Puppia Sea Cadet Dress - NAOB-OP7022
Puppia Peeps Shirt - NAOB-OP7020
Puppia Peeps Sanitary Panty - NAOA-PT7020
Puppia Angelica Shirt - NAOB-TS7015
Puppia Cherry Berry Shirt - NAOB-TS7013
Puppia Middy Shirt - NAOB-TS7012
Puppia Rosa Shirt - NAOA-TS7011
Puppia Frances Shirt - NAOA-TS7008
Puppia Lucid Shirt - NAOA-TS7005
Puppia Doodle Shirt - NAOA-TS7004
Puppia Shipmate Shirt - NAOA-TS7003
Puppia Smirky Shirt - NAOA-TS7002
Puppia Gilly Shirt - NAOA-TS7001
Puppia Rowing Bed - PAOA-AU1247
Puppia Dream House Bed - PAOA-AU1246
Puppia Studio House Bed - PAOA-AU1243
Puppia Blossom House Bed - PAOA-AU1237
Puppia Blossom Seat Belt Lead - PAOA-SL1239
Puppia Atticus Seat Belt Lead - PAOA-SL1238
Puppia Cosmic Seat Belt Lead - PAOA-SL1232
Puppia Ivy Collar - PAOA-AC1258
Puppia Vivien Vest Harness - PALA-AH860
Puppia Grand Prix Harness - PAOA-AC1251
Puppia Grand Prix Lead - PAOA-AL1251
Puppia Grand Prix Vest Harness - PAOA-AH1251
Puppia Blossom Harness - PAOA-AC1237
Puppia Blossom Lead - PAOA-AL1237
Puppia Blossom Vest Harness - PAOA-AH1237
Puppia Cosmic Harness - PAOA-AC1232
Puppia Cosmic Lead - PAOA-AL1232
Puppia Cosmic Vest Harness - PAOA-AH1232
Puppia Brittania Harness - PAOA-AC1220
Puppia Brittania Lead - PAOA-AL1220
Puppia Brittania Vest Harness - PAOA-AH1220
Puppia Atticus Harness - PAOA-AC1227
Puppia Atticus Lead - PAOA-AL1227
Puppia Atticus Vest Harness - PAOA-AH1227
Puppia Sappy Harness - PAOA-AC1201
Puppia Sappy Vest Harness - PAOA-AH1201
Puppia Luxdog Jumpsuit - PAOA-OP1233
Puppia Lulu Dress - PAOB-OP1230
Puppia Martina Shirt - PAOB-OP1229
Puppia Martina Sanitary Panty - PAOA-PT1229
Puppia Sailor Moon Dress - PAOA-OP1227
Puppia Taffy Dress - PAOB-OP1232
Puppia Taffy Sanitary - PAOB-PT1232
Puppia Liaison Shirt - PAOB-TS1218
Puppia Midtown Shirt - PAOA-TS1215
Puppia Midtown Sanitary Panty - PAOA-PT1215
Puppia Renaissance Shirt Tank Top - PAOB-TS1221
Puppia Britannia Shirt Tank Top - PAOB-TS1220
Puppia Cosmic Shirt Tank Top - PAOB-TS1219
Puppia Varsity Shirt - PAOA-TS1216
Puppia Perseus Shirt - PAOA-TS1214
Puppia Admiral Shirt - PAOA-TS1212
Puppia Worldpup Soccer Shirt - PAOA-TS1210
Puppia Dogwatch Lifeguard Shirt - PAOA-TS1208
Puppia Sharon Shirt - PAOA-TS1205
Puppia Geranium Shirt - PAOA-TS1204
Puppia Sultry Shirt - PAOA-TS1203
Puppia Lollipop Shirt - PAOA-TS1201