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Featured Products

Puppia Soft Mesh Harness - AC30
Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness - PAHA-AH305
Puppia Ritefit Soft Harness - PAJA-AC617
Puppia Two Tone Lead - PDCF-AL30
Puppia Rudolph Smart Tag - PAPD-QR1374
Puppia Paw Smart Tag - PAPD-QR1373
Puppia PP Smart Tag - PAPD-QR1372
iPuppyOne Love Letter Flex Harness - H157
iPuppyOne Smooches Flex Harness - H158
iPuppyOne Cupid Flex Harness - H162
iPuppyOne Valentine Vest Harness - H168
Puppia Spring Garden Tank Top - PAPB-TS1315
iPuppyOne Loving You Sweater - T49
Puppia Romantic Garden Hoodie - NAPD-TS7166
Puppia Vivien Harness - PALA-AC860
Puppia Viven Vest Harness - PALA-AH860
Puppia/Pinkaholic Primavera Pinka Harness - NANA-AH715
Puppia/Pinkaholic Primavera Leash - NANA-AL715
Puppia Fiore Flirt Harness - NAOA-AH7035
Puppia Fiore Leash - NAOA-AL7039
Puppia Fiore Pinka Harness - NAOA-AH7039
Puppia Spring Garden Harness - PAPA-AC1315
Puppia Spring Garden Vest Harness - PAPA-AH1315
Puppia Spring Garden Lead - PAPA-AL1315