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Featured Products

Puppia Soft Mesh Harness - AC30
Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness - PAHA-AH305
Puppia Two Tone Lead - PDCF-AL30
Puppia Esme Shirt - PARA-TS1501
Puppia Lovely Doggie Shirt - PARA-TS1502
Puppia Zachary Shirt - PARA-TS1503
Puppia Animal Globe Shirt - PARA-TS1505
Puppia Freestyle Shirt - PARB-TS1516
Puppia Brigaider Shirt - PARB-TS1515
Puppia Imogen Shirt - NARA-TS7302
Puppia Amias Shirt - NARA-TS7306
Puppia Aviana Shirt - NARA-TS7304
Puppia Coco Shirt - NARA-TS7303
Puppia Valo Shirt - PARA-TS1507
Puppia Happy World Shirt - PARA-TS1508
Puppia Emmy Shirt - PARA-TS1509
Puppia Veteran Shirt - PARA-TS1510
Puppia Piper Shirt - PARA-TS1512
Puppia Carys Shirt - NARA-TS7309
Puppia Royal Pug Shirt - NARA-TS7307
Puppia Bjorn Shirt - NARA-TS7305
Puppia Pawsh Dress - NARA-OP7310
Puppia Aloha Shirt - PARB-TS1521
Puppia Chloe Shirt - PARB-TS1519
Puppia Angelfish Shirt - PARB-TS1518
Puppia Ava Shirt - PARB-TS1517
Puppia Ladonna Shirt - NARB-TS7319
Puppa Sassa Shirt - NARB-TS7318
Puppia Baby Bunny Shirt - NARB-TS7316
Puppia Gaura Shirt - NARB-TS7315
Puppia Claris Trench Coat - NARA-RM7321
Puppia Wilderness Raincoat - PLRA-JM9320
Puppia Teton Jacket - PLRA-JM9328
Puppia P2 Jacket - PLRA-JM9322
Catspia Primrose Shirt - CARA-TS9304
Catspia Kissie Shirt - CARA-TS9305
Catspia Vala Shirt - CARA-TS9308
Puppia Bobby Pants - PARA-PA1528
Puppia Ava Sanitary - PARA-PT1517
Puppia Brigaider Sanitary - PARA-PT1515
Puppia Baby Bunny Sanitary - NARA-PT7316
Puppia Pawsh Sanitary - NARA-PT7310
Catspia Rosetta Collar - CARA-SC9304
Puppia Trek Harness - PLRA-HA9323
Puppia Algo Harness - PARA-HA1532
Puppia Ernest Harness - PARA-HA1531
Puppia Dotty Harness II - PARA-HA1529
Puppia Bobby Harness - PARA-HA1523
Puppia Sassa Harness - NARA-HA7318
Puppia Clement Harness - NARA-HA7320
Puppia Chic Harness - NARA-HA7322
Puppia Vafara Harness - NARA-HA7323
Catspia Tia Harness - CARA-HA9304
Catspia Taila Harness - CARA-HA9307
Catspia Eleanor Harness - CARA-HA9308
Puppia Algo Vest Harness - PARA-HB1532
Puppia Ernest Vest Harness - PARA-HB1531
Puppia Trek Vest Harness - PLRA-HB9323
Puppia Dotty II Vest Harness - PARA-HB1529
Puppia Bobby Vest Harness - PARA-HB1523
Catspia Tia Vest Harness - CARA-HB9304
Catspia Taila Vest Harness - CARA-HB9307
Puppia Soft Harness C - PARA-HC1533
Puppia Algo Harness C - PARA-HC1532
Puppia Bobby Harness C - PARA-HC1523
Puppia Trek Harness C - PLRA-HC9323
Puppia Dotty Harness II C - PARA-HC1529
Puppia Chic Harness C - NARA-HC7322
Catspia Taila Harness C - CARA-HC9307
Catspia Eleanor Harness C - CARA-HC9308
Puppia Trek Safety Harness F - PLRA-HF9323
Puppia Trek Snugfit Harness E - PLRA-HE9323
Puppia Bobby Harness X - PARA-HX1523 - Striped Navy
Puppia Bobby Harness X - PARA-HX1523 - Navy Camo
Puppia Sassa Pinka Harness - NARA-HJ7318
Puppia Clement Pinka Harness - NARA-HJ7320
Puppia Chic Pinka Harness - NARA-HJ7322
Puppia Vafara Pinka Harness - NARA-HJ7323
Puppia Trek Lead - PLRA-AL9323
Puppia Algo Lead - PARA-AL1532
Puppia Ernest Lead - PARA-AL1531
Puppia Dotty Lead II - PARA-AL1529
Puppia Bobby Lead - PARA-AL1523
Puppia Sassa Lead - NARA-AL7318
Puppia Clement Lead - NARA-AL7320
Puppia Chic Lead - NARA-AL7322
Puppia Vafara Lead Leash - NARA-AL7323
Catspia Tia Lead Leash - CARA-AL9304
Catspia Taila Lead Leash - CARA-AL9307
Catspia Eleanor Lead Leash - CARA-AL9308
Puppia Ernest Bed - PARA-AU1535
Puppia Bateau Bed - PARA-AU1534 - Wine
Puppia Bateau Bed - PARA-AU1534 - Khaki
Puppia Chic Bed - NARA-AU7322
Puppia Chic Tent Bed - NARA-AU7324
Puppia Chic Basket Bed - NARA-AU7325
Puppia Luna House Bed - NARA-AU7327
Puppia Bobby Seatbelt Lead - PARA-SL1523
Puppia Luna Carrier - NARA-AB7327