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Featured Products

Puppia Soft Mesh Harness - AC30
Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness - PAHA-AH305
Puppia Two Tone Lead - PDCF-AL30
Puppia Kemp Harness - PAQD-AC1466
Puppia Kemp Vest Harness - PAQD-AH1466
Puppia Kemp Dual Adjustable Harness - PAQD-AC1467
Puppia Kemp Leash - PAQD-AL1466
Puppia Cupid Harness - PAQD-AC1456
Puppia Cupid Vest Harness - PAQD-AH1456
Puppia Cupid Leash - PAQD-AL1456
Puppia Corporal Harness - PAQD-AC1460
Puppia Corporal Vest Harness - PAQD-AH1460
Puppia Corporal Leash - PAQD-AL1460
Puppia Blitzen Harness - PAQD-AC1470
Puppia Blitzen Vest Harness - PAQD-AH1470
Puppia Blitzen Dual Adjustable Harness - PAQD-AC1471
Puppia Troy Vest Harness - PAQD-AH1461
Puppia Troy Dual Adjustable Harness - PAQD-AC1461
Puppia Troy Leash - PAQD-AL1461
Puppia Eldric Harness - PAQD-AC1465
Puppia Eldric Vest Harness - PAQD-AH1465
Puppia Eldric Leash - PAQD-AL1465
Puppia Airman Camo Vest - PAQD-TS1471
Puppia Troy Quilted Vest - PAQD-TS1461
Puppia Corporal Camo Hoodie - PAQD-TS1460
Puppia Eldric Hoodie - PAQD-TS1465
Puppia U-Pup Hoodie - PAQD-TS1458
Puppia Pere Noel Hoodie - PAQD-TS1455
Puppia Urban Pawz Hoodie - PAQD-TS1454
Puppia Mervyn Turtleneck - PAQD-TS1453
Puppia Eleve Shirt - PAQD-TS1452
Puppia Teddy Shirt - PAQD-TS1451
Puppia Mountaineer II Fleece Vest - PAPD-VT1366
Puppia Dogstooth Fleece Vest - PAQD-VT1464
Puppia Wilkes Fleece Vest - PAQD-VT1463
Puppia Clark Fleece Vest -  PAQD-JM1462
Puppia Leo Pug Harness - NAQD-AC7275
Puppia Leo Pug Pinka Harness - NAQD-AH7275
Puppia Leo Pug Leash - NAQD-AL7275
Puppia Zeal Harness - NAQD-AC7276
Puppia Zeal Pinka Harness - NAQD-AH7276
Puppia Zeal Leash - NAQD-AL7276
Puppia Candyland Harness - NAQD-AC7281
Puppia Candyland Pinka Harness - NAQD-AH7281
Puppia Candyland Leash - NAQD-AL7281
Puppia Chiquito Hoodie - NAQD-TS7279
Puppia Candyland Hoodie - NAQD-TS7281
Puppia Amelia Fleece Vest - NAQD-VT7283
Puppia Miss Dotty Fleece Vest - NAQD-VT7284
Puppia Aiden Fleece Vest - NAQD-VT7285
Puppia Leo Pug II Hoodie - NAQD-TS7275
Puppia Winter Park Hoodie - NAQD-TS7268
Puppia Inocente Hoodie - NAQD-TS7265
Puppia Eden Hoodie - NAQD-TS7263
Puppia Blanco Shirt - NAQD-TS7271
Puppia Torchy Shirt - NAQD-TS7286
Puppia Duet Shirt - NAQD-TS7260
Puppia Lovely Dog Shirt - NAQD-TS7259
Puppia Sweet Heart Shirt - NAQD-TS7257
Catspia Fritz Dual Adjustable Harness - CAQD-AC9293
Catspia Fritz Vest Harness - CAQD-AH9293
Catspia Fritz Leash - CAQD-AL9293
Catspia Castor Harness -CAQD-AC9294
Catspia Castor Vest Harness - CAQD-AH9294
Catspia Castor Leash - CAQD-AL9294
Catspia Fritz Sweater - CAQD-TS9293
Catspia Monty Sweater - CAQD-TS9292
Catspia Castor Sweater - CAQD-TS9294
Catspia Calico Vest - CAQD-TS9295
Puppia Kemp Bed - PAQD-AU1466
Puppia Eldric House Bed - PAQD-AU1465
Puppia Sawyer House Bed - PAQD-AU1472
Puppia Leo Pug House Bed - NAQD-AU7275
Puppia Angel Cushion Bed - NAQD-AU7288
Puppia Angel Bone Cushion Bed - NAQD-AU7289
Puppia Chelsea Bed - NAQD-AU7287