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Featured Products

Puppia Soft Mesh Harness - AC30
Puppia Soft Mesh Vest Harness - PAHA-AH305
Puppia Ritefit Soft Harness - PAJA-AC617
Puppia Two Tone Lead - PDCF-AL30
Puppia Xena Pinka Harness - NAPA-AH7126
Puppia Xena Leash - NAPA-AL7126
Puppia Harper Pinka Harness - NAPA-AH7108
Puppia Harper Leash - NAPA-AL7108
Puppia Victorian Harness - NAPA-AC7122
Puppia Victorian Pinka Harness - NAPA-AH7122
Puppia Victorian Leash - NAPA-AL7122
Puppia Leo Harness - NAPA-AC7112
Puppia Leo Leash - NAPA-AL7112
Puppia Dogwood Harness - NAPA-AC7104
Puppia Dogwood Flirt Harness - NAPA-AH7104
Puppia Dogwood Leash - NAPA-AL7104
Puppia Dogwood Shirt - NAPA-TS7104
Puppia Dogwood Sanitary - NAPA-PT7104
Puppia Victorian Raincoat - NAPA-RM7122
Puppia Ula Dress - NAPA-OP7117
Puppia Petunias Dress - NAPA-OP7105
Puppia Petunias Sanitary - NAPA-PT7105
Puppia Harper Manner Band / Belly Band - NAPA-MB7108
Puppia Harper Hooded Shirt - NAPA-TS7108
Puppia Baby Owl Tank - NAPB-TS7110
Puppia Witty Pug Tank - NAPB-TS7109
Puppia Prince and Princess Shirt - NAPA-TS7113
Puppia Leo Pug Leopard Hooded Shirt - NAPA-TS7112
Puppia Toddler Hooded Shirt - NAPA-TS7107
Puppia Naval Shirt - NAPA-TS7101
Puppia Xena Bed/Carrier/Car Seat - NAPA-AU7126
Puppia Xena Carrier - NAPA-AB7126
Puppia Dogwood Bed - NAPA-AU7104
Puppia Victorian Bed - NAPA-AU7022
Puppia Victorian Carrier - NAPA-AB7122
Puppia Gala Neckguard - PAPA-NC1324
Puppia Gypsophila Neckguard - PAPA-NC1318
Puppia Legend Neckguard - PAPA-NC1310
Puppia Legend Manner Band/Belly Band - PAPB-MB1310
Puppia EOS Manner Band/Belly Band - PAPA-MB1307
Puppia Sparrow Manner Band/Belly Band - PAPA-MB1306
Puppia Gala Seatbelt Lead II - PAPA-SL1324
Puppia Legen Seatbelt Lead - PAPA-SL1310
Puppia Barrington Bed - PAPA-AU1322
Puppia EOS Bed - PAPA-AU1307
Puppia Legend House Bed - PAPA-AU1310
Puppia Vivien Bed - PAPA-AU860
Puppia Gala Harness II - PAPA-AC1324
Puppia Gala Vest Harness II - PAPA-AH1324
Puppia Spring Garden Harness - PAPA-AC1315
Puppia Spring Garden Vest Harness - PAPA-AH1315
Puppia Spring Garden Lead - PAPA-AL1315
Puppia Neon Soft Harness - PAPA-AC1325
Puppia Neon Soft Vest Harness - PAPA-AH1325
Puppia Neon Lead - PAPA-AL1325
Puppia Legend Harness - PAPA-AC1310
Puppia Legend Vest Harness - PAPA-AH1310
Puppia Legend Lead - PAPA-AL1310
Puppia EOS Harness - PAPA-AC1307
Puppia EOS Vest Harness - PAPA-AH1307
Puppia EOS Leash/Lead - PAPA-AL1307
Puppia Sparrow Harness - PAPA-AC1306
Puppia Sparrow Vest Harness - PAPA-AH1306
Puppia Sparrow Leash/Lead - PAPA-AL1306
Puppia Barrington Raincoat - PAPA-RM1322
Puppia Paz Raincoat - PAPA-RM1321
Puppia Junior Jumper Raincoat - PAPA-RM1320
Puppia Gypsophila Tank/Dress - PAPB-OP1318
Puppia Gypsophila Sanitary - PAPB-PT1318
Puppia Spring Garden Tank Top - PAPB-TS1315
Puppia Spring Garden Sanitary - PAPB-PT1315
Puppia Moby Tank Top - PAPB-TS1314
Puppia Baby Dream Sleeveless Hoodie - PAPA-TS1305
Puppia Rainy Day Shirt - PAPA-TS1304
Puppia Baby Birds Shirt - PAPA-TS1303
Puppia EOS Hoodie - PAPA-TS1307
Puppia Sparrow Hoodie - PAPA-TS1306
Puppia EOS T-Shirt FOR HUMAN - PAPA-HT1307
Puppia Sparrow T-Shirt FOR HUMAN - PAPA-HT1306
Puppia Vivien Harness - PALA-AC860
Puppia Viven Vest Harness - PALA-AH860